Classical Japanese Swordsmanship

Shiroi Bara was established in 1985 to promote the way of self-reliance through the practice of Koryu Kenjutsu, the discipline of Classical Japanese Swordsmanship.

Shiroi Bara is affiliated to and a founder member of the Eikoku Roshukai; the U.K. branch of Roshukai Japan; established by Iwata Norikazu Hanshi (1913-2011), a renowned and greatly respected teacher of Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido and a historian on the subject of Japanese Swordsmanship.

Shiroi Bara is a member of the UK Shibu for Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu – a traditional bugei ryuha made famous by its founder, the swordsman Shinmen Musashi Fujiwara no Genshin - more commonly known as Miyamoto Musashi. Shiroi Bara has maintained links with the Hombu dojo and it’s headmasters since 1996

The training within Shiroi Bara is centred on the use of the two handed Japanese sword (katana) through the practice of pre-arranged solo patterns and partner sets and includes both Iaido and Kenjutsu.

Shiroi Bara encourages an attitude of self-discipline and confidence and places a strong emphasis on the development of practical combative awareness. This is gained through partner and group training, using bokken (hardwood swords) in single and two sword applications, additional weapons such as wakizashi (short sword), bo (long staff) and naginata (halberd) are also employed.